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Leaked memo reveals AMD bullish about Shanghai

by Scott Bicheno on 4 November 2008, 17:17


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Self belief

Polish tech site PC Lab has managed to get hold of an internal memo from Randy Allen, who is the senior VP of AMD's computing solutions group, on the subject of the imminent launch of AMD's new 45nm server CPU, codenamed "Shanghai".

In it Allen, who was previously the GM of AMD's server and workstation business, sounds pretty up-beat on the subject of Shanghai, saying it will be the price/performance-per-watt leader for x86 servers and has a significant time to market advantage over Intel in 2P and 4P servers.

We must confess that our Polish is a bit on the shaky side so here's a screenshot of the story having passed it through Google Translate. There are still some decidedly untranslated bits but PC Labs does refer to the VP in question as "Randy'ego Allen". Not sure what they're trying to say there.