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790i chipset issues: NVIDIA and vendors give their views

by Scott Bicheno on 1 August 2008, 12:00


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Not NVIDIA’s month

Foxconn announced today that it was not going to continue with the development of its planned Dreadnought motherboard due to issues with the NVIDIA 790i chipset.

Carl Brunning, the UK technical manager at Foxconn, told HEXUS: “The [790i] chip is not of the quality standard that we needed for the Quantum Force range.”

Quantum Force is Foxconn’s relatively recent entry into the enthusiast motherboard space. It has already released the Mars and Black Ops, with the 780a Destroyer expected soon, having been delayed by a BIOS rewrite, according to Brunning.

The P45 Avenger is apparently still a work in progress, with BIOS debugging being the delaying factor here too, but the 790i Dreadnought has left the building. Brunning confirmed that nobody in the media and certainly no consumers had received any Dreadnoughts.

Here's one on show at this year's Computex.