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Acer tarts up Packard Bell

by Scott Bicheno on 15 April 2009, 12:49

Tags: Acer (TPE:2353), Packard Bell (TPE:2353)

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Marketing mania

One thing you've got to hand Acer; it's not shy about laying on the hyperbole with a trowel.

Having spoken of its unique insight into the netbook market at the start of the year, Acer would now have us believe that the tarting up of its European consumer PC brand Packard Bell amounts to "an incredible makeover that would leave anybody breathless."

Yes, the press release actually says that, and that's only the beginning. "The new visual identity of Packard Bell is furthermore expressing the brand's understanding of trends and its ability to reinvent them, understanding the origins of desire and transformation, evolving and creating thanks to its unlimited imaginative mind: the Packard Bell spirit reinvents today's trends and set the stage for tomorrow's breakthroughs," it persists.

"This is more than technology. It's a lifestyle, a life experience, and a reflection of the way we see the world."

Needless to say there was yet more of this sort of thing, but we think you've got the message. Having got you all excited we guess we'd better let you have a butcher's at this new brand in all its glory. Enjoy.