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More BFG Phobos details emerge

by Scott Bicheno on 7 January 2009, 09:37

Tags: BFG Technologies

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Moon unit

BFG is known primarily as a high-end NVIDIA board partner; associated with pre-overclocked graphics cards and an emphasis on post-sales support. It has decided that there is demand for its approach in the high-end desktop market on the whole and so has launched the Phobos.

Phobos is a desktop tower base unit with a few unique tweaks. It is designed for the "graduated gamer", which means people who want a high-end system for gaming, multimedia, creative stuff, etc, but don't feel like building or maintaining a system themselves.

It has an eight-inch touch-screen LCD screen built into the front of the system, which provides a bunch of bespoke controls, like performance/power tweaks, system information, multimedia controls, etc.

As you would expect of a high-end system, the chassis has been designed to look slick, but BFG clearly hopes people will be just as happy to put this PC in the living room as the spare room. It also has an iPod/iPhone dock on the top.