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Inside the GlobalFoundries cleanroom

by Scott Bicheno on 11 November 2009, 18:34


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Among the wafers

As we mentioned yesterday, we visited the GlobalFoundries chip manufacturing facility - fab for short - in Dresden last week.

While there, we were given a tour of the place the wafers are created, called the cleanroom because any contaminants can wreck the process and cost the foundry lots of money. No pressure then.

There was something mildly sinister about the grave words of warning and the portentous donning of the special cleanroom attire, all the time watched over in case we should deviate from ‘clean' protocol. It felt like we were preparing to handle radioactive material and the clean room seemed more like a hospital than a factory.

Here we are, soon after getting ‘gloved-up'. I think I'm the one on the right.



Here I am again on the left, with Fudo - founder of the apparently not eponymous tech site Fudzilla - in the middle, and Jason Gorss of GlobalFoundries on the right.



And here's a huge machine that clearly does...erm...lots of things.