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Why has Ruiz left so GlobalFoundries so suddenly?

by HEXUS Staff on 2 November 2009, 15:00


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Frenzied media circus

Several weeks ago it was apparently indicated that Ruiz planned to retire from his position at GlobalFoundries but, rather clearly it seems to us, in light of the recent allegations, the board behind GlobalFoundries just aren't prepared to allow Ruiz to exit as gracefully as we presume he'd like.

We reckon that the reasons for this are several-fold, however the timing rather suggests that GlobalFoundries doesn't wish to be part of a frenzied media circus that might come about should Mr. Ruiz attend at the Semiconductor Industry Association's (SIA) 2009 Forecast & Award Dinner on the 5th November.

The SIA is a key shaper of public policy of the semiconductor-industry.

Presently (though we wonder for how much longer) Mr. Ruiz, serves as vice chairman of the SIA, and is scheduled to attend the event, to be held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California, to offer the "SIA Chairman's Reflections". Ruiz is still listed as vice chairman on the site, but then again he's also listed as still working for AMD...

One thing's for sure, what's most notable about the GlobalFoundries press release is the absence of any specifics, let alone even a mention, as to 'why' Ruiz's position has changed with the company. We have tried to reach the contact initially listed on the release, but had no luck. And we note there is now no contact on the release published on the GlobalFoundries website.