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AMD’s channel programme now called Fusion too

by Scott Bicheno on 30 September 2009, 05:00


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It's now clear how serious AMD was when it changed its slogan from "Smarter choice" to "The future is fusion". With Fusion already the company mantra, as well as the name given to AMD's plan to combine the CPU and GPU on one chip and several types of software, AMD has decided it pretty much sums up its channel programme too.

The new partner programme was presented by worldwide channel marketing VP David Kenyon in a teleconference chaired by AMD's effusive EMEA corporate PR manager Chris Brown. Kenyon started by explaining the background for the new programme: "We did a very detailed analysis of the performance of our current component channel," he said.

The long and short of it is that AMD realised the vast majority of its channel sales go through the little guy, and yet it was devoting relatively little of its time and resources to them. "We weren't spending enough time with our smaller channel partners," confessed Kenyon.



As you'll see from the above slide, the justification for shoe-horning Fusion into yet another initiative comes from the desire to get its channel partners bought into the ‘platform' message. I.e. if they're selling one AMD component type why can't they sell all three: CPU, GPU and chipset. AMD is calling this AAA, which signifies AMD x3.