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Cooler Master discusses channel implications of price cuts

by Scott Bicheno on 2 December 2008, 15:43

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Moving with the times

Cooler Master cut the price of a bunch of its products, mainly PSUs, in the UK today, with the stated aim of bringing the prices to the level they would've been if the pound hadn't tanked against the dollar in recent weeks.

To find out what motivated Cooler Master to make this move and what it says about the UK channel on the whole, we conducted a quick email interview with UK channel marketing manager Miodrag Relic.


HEXUS.channel: Are there any other products you're cutting the price on?

Miodrag Relic: We have started with high-profile products that are in strong demand, specifically to stimulate the market. These are high-profile changes and we want everyone to know. As far as the channel is concerned, this creates a great platform for increased sales through the holidays. Head office is monitoring the market's reaction while, at the same time, evaluating other products groups.

HC: Is it fair to say that these price cuts are as much in response to the recession as to the weakness of the pound against the dollar?

MR: Cooler Master believes that the dramatic change in dollar rate is key to the amount of energy in the UK market. On the run into Christmas, shoppers are looking for the traditional down-trend in tech pricing to continue. This year, because of the dollar, it hasn't. We're looking to redress the balance.