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Channel speaks out on Ingram

by Scott Bicheno on 25 July 2008, 07:30

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For this week's question to the Brigantia community of independent PC retailers and reseller we asked them what they thought about the reasons given by Ingram Micro Euro VP Jay Forbes in Ingram's decision to pass the full cost of shipping on to its customers.


Hi Scott, I can’t really give an opinion on Ingram as I have never bought from them as they are far too expensive in the channel. I prefer to buy from their retail outlet Ebuyer as they provide me far better pricing and all too often I can see it originated from Ingram in the first place. BTW same goes for Computer 2000 who have a similar monolithic status and who also seem to despise us indies.

Danny - Independent retailer

Ebuyer. Ingrams retail outlet!!! I love it. Made me smile.

In truth, you get better price and terms from Ebuyer and if Ingram put up carriage, you get that better too. Where is the profit being made? How come Ebuyer can sell it for less, to Joe Public? Why do we, the channel, have to pay more than Joe Public? Ask Ingram that.

Ebuyer wanted me to become a business customer for a couple of percent discount. No thanks I like the distance selling regulations. I can stock my shop and then send it back after 10 days if it does not sell. Never actually done it but I could. Might give it a go.

Matt - Forum Computers - Independent retailer

The Ingram PR machine at its best - the channel sharing the pain - what is not mentioned are the costs that are being carried already by Indies every where when it comes to returns / RMAs etc.

I bet hundreds of Brigantia members have got items sitting on their shelves that they have either given up trying to return or just consider the opportunity/cost ratio too high to bother.

Why not change the model completely and let the vendors carry the cost of delivery to the Indies and just use Ingram for logistics and credit where available to the smaller Indie. While I am dreaming (must be the morphine I am on for my back) perhaps we could have one price for all be we Indie, etailer, multiple or supermarket!

Iain Shaw - Head of Brigantia

We have dealt with Ingram in the past but due to a problem with them taking three months to pay back on a RMA that was down to them sending the wrong software licences we will only use them if no one else has what we require.

Iain it would be nice if we lived in Utopia then all things would be free and the there would be no work done.

Kevin - Independent reseller