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The HEXUS.channel week in review

by Scott Bicheno on 11 July 2008, 16:37

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The week started with mobile phone operator O2 announcing “iPhone 3G is here and it’s free”, only to be overwhelmed by the response and be forced to send out apologetic text messages.

O2 has our sympathies on this one; how could it possibly have predicted that such a statement would cause a server-crunching stampede of interest. After all, there’s no precedent for Apple product launches leading to consumer and media frenzies, is there?

Meanwhile, Apple rival Microsoft revealed that it might still want to buy Yahoo! after all, but only if its new best mate Carl Icahn gets rid of the party-pooping incumbent board of directors first. At its annual channel jamboree in Houston, Microsoft made further moves towards a subscription model, while closer to home, a UK indie PC retailer sent HEXUS.channel an open letter to Microsoft, pleading for it to make a low-cost OS available to the channel.

There was mixed news on the UK channel front as boutique PC maker Vadim sadly went into liquidation, citing difficulties in securing investment as the main reason. In contrast, etailer Scan bucked the trend of the last few years and opened a new retail outlet up in Bolton. Director Elan Raja revealed that the move was made possible by Scan’s loyal customer base.