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Samsung Galaxy Note II teaser video released

by Mark Tyson on 20 August 2012, 17:50

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS)

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South Korean electronics giant Samsung has let loose a teaser video showing brief glimpses of a device that is very probably the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The subject of the video will be revealed, it says as the video ends “On August 29th. In Berlin. Your magical moments will come alive.”At the beginning of August we covered the news that an unnamed Samsung representative spoke to Reuters to confirm the Samsung Galaxy Note II would be revealed at IFA, Berlin on 29th August. I think we have enough confirmation now.

When magical moments come alive
Everything becomes an inspiration

An “S-pen” is unsheathed…

Followed by a voice over and film starring German director Wim Wenders
“All the things you can do in the blink of an eye with such a small and light thing”
“Anyone can do it”

Be creative
On August 29th. In Berlin. Your magical moments will come alive.

10 million Galaxy Notes sold

It will be exactly a year since the original Galaxy Note was shown at IFA 2011 so the same show a year later would be a logical choice for the new phablet debut. In the first nine months since the original Galaxy Note launch Samsung have achieved sales figures of 10 million units.

Samsung Galaxy Note II rumoured specs

  • A new larger 16:9 Super HD AMOLED 5.5-inch screen at 1290x720 pixels
  • A reduced bezel making the device a little smaller
  • Quad core CPU, a little faster than the Galaxy S III
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS
  • More S-Pen apps

Galaxy Note competitors from LG, HTC and Nokia

Other companies, seeing the Note’s success, have tried to follow up with their own phablets. LG released the Optimus Vu in March in Korea and there are rumours of an HTC phablet with 1080p screen on the way. On another mobile OS, Windows Phone 8, Nokia may be about to pull a phablet out of the bag, as Chris Weber, Nokia's executive VP of sales and marketing tweeted last week; “Samsung take note, next generation Lumia coming soon.”

Nine days from now in Berlin we will see Samsung’s Galaxy Note successor. It’s going to be a busy few weeks for smartphone development and announcements with new models expected to be revealed by Apple, Motorola and Nokia in September.

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I love my note 1 - yes it may be big, but the extra screen space sure is nice. Just wish I had the cash to upgrade to a note 2 when it comes out…
I love my note 1 - yes it may be big, but the extra screen space sure is nice. Just wish I had the cash to upgrade to a note 2 when it comes out…
Like most folks (I guess) I kind of laughed at the Note when it came out. Mainly around the idea of someone holding something that large to their head to make a phone call. Then I got talking to someone who'd got one, and he pointed out that most people these days use Bluetooth handsfree kits anyway, so there's little need to - as he put it - “go plastering a phone to your face”.

He also pointed out that the large battery means that you can easily leave a BT headset connected all day, plus the large(r) screen is great for the Kindle app. His opinion was that Samsung got it exactly right with the size - large enough to be great as a satnav etc, but still small enough that it didn't look stupid on a windscreen mount plus it fits in a large pocket nicely.

If he's typical then I can see why Samsung sold so many.