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What our Awards Mean

Hundreds of products have passed through the HEXUS labs. Our job is to tell you which are worth considering and which should be avoided at all costs.

Simplifying our advice into easy-to-understand ratings, HEXUS employs a star-based system, with a maximum possible score of five stars. You may well have seen it in reviews published in the last year.

Ratings explained



A five-star product is exceptional in every respect. These are genuinely must-have products that are few and far between. HEXUS very rarely awards five-star ratings.



Four-star products are very good in most regards. Offering a compelling mix of features, performance and price, they should definitely be put on your shortlist.



Products awarded a three-star rating are solid if not exceptional in any one area. They are worth looking at if on special deals.



Products that fall below our expectations are awarded two stars. Manufacturer implementation is lacking in some way, and we'd not recommend them for purchase.



Don't go near one-star products with a bargepole.

There's always fervent discussion before a rating is awarded to a product. The HEXUS team may award a product an additional half star - so, for example, a three-and-a-half-star rating - if it falls between two ratings.

Awards explained

Additionally, depending upon just what a manufacturer has done to differentiate its products, HEXUS may, after deliberation, provide a product with a dedicated award.



This award denotes that the product is the crème de la crème in its category. Buy with confidence



Given to products that make us sit back and stare agog in astonishment.



Denotes a safe buy, based on our in-depth testing and analysis.



Awarded when a product tops the performance charts in its price class.


For when a manufacturer goes the extra yard to create a new, better product.

So there you have it, our brief guide into how we rate products and dole out awards.