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Martin Day from OQO speaks exclusively to about his company's new lightweight (450g) PC that can run Vista or XP. He's a smooth operator, so be prepared for a smooth presentation on this smooth new product...

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This looks like a really great product. I'd be very interested in having a play with one.

How much is the docking station in the uk?
Hi Gordy,

Not sure on the docking options - I will ping Martin and see if we can encourage him on to this thread ;)
Coolio, that would be great.
Hi Andrzej, Gordy

Glad to be part of the thread, thanks for the invite! There are 2 docking station options, a CD-RW/DVD which is £199 SRP inc VAT, and the DVD-RW/CD-RW product at £269 SRP. eXpansys is your place for both of these.

Martin thanks for that. I had a quick look on expansys , but could only find the machines themselves.