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Review: Hiper HSU-3S350 Power Supply

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 25 May 2004, 00:00

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Hiper have somewhat of a sleeper reputation in most enthusiast circles. They pop up every now and again with a new unit and then everyone seems to ignore it, instead spending their money on something more popular like an Antec or Enermax. A lot of that reputation seems to be down to Hiper's aggressive pricing. A lot of very cheap, but absolutely disgusting quality power supplies seem to taint every other power supply that dares to offer itself for less money than normal.

While spending good money on a power supply undoubtedly has benefits, the tainting of the cheaper end of the market by horrible supplies has meant people will disregard perfectly good supplies, costing them extra money they maybe didn't need to spend.

So while it's not conclusive that Hiper are a company that's being choked by this phenomenon, they are keen to say that their wares are fine and that while they're cheap, that doesn't mean they're poor quality.

To that end, they sent over their HPU-3S350, a 350W PSU that purports to be solid, quiet and reliable. Let's take a closer look.