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Microsoft renames Windows 8 'Metro' to 'Modern UI'

by Alistair Lowe on 14 August 2012, 10:09

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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In what looks to be an official renaming of the Windows 8 'Metro' user interface, Microsoft has begun to replace its official documentation with the term 'Modern UI'.

The changes have appeared in Microsoft's Public Sector DevCamp documentation, in what seems like a rather last-minute copy-and-paste job, with talk titles such as "Building a Windows 8 Modern user interface-style user interface" sticking-out like a sore thumb.

Microsoft Modern UI

Though Microsoft has been claiming that it had always intended to drop the term Metro in the run-up to release, as an obsolete codeword; evidence in leaked documents two weeks ago and clear signs of last-minute copy-and-pasting paint the picture of a serious copyright panic.

So just what do our readers think? Does the term 'Modern UI' ring your bell? Is this really the best that Microsoft could come up with on two week's notice?

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They didn't go with my suggestion of ‘Bob Plus with Bing’ then? :(

Every single dev is still going to be calling it Metro anyway.
The real question is: Is it going to be better than 7?
The real question is: Is it going to be better than 7?

I can already answer that for you. No, no it won't.
I can already answer that for you. Yes, yes it will
You're wrong. :)