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What can we expect to see from Commodore's PC range?

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CeBIT starts tomorrow! For now, Commodore give us a few clues as to what to expect. We'll have further details once we get our grubby mitts on them.

We've managed to take a sneak peak before the show starts and can now reveal the spec of the PCs.

Check them out: here

A new breed of gaming PCs with the highest specifications available for gamers and featuring a level of personalisation never before seen is launched tomorrow at CeBIT 2007 by Commodore Gaming. The new range includes four different models from an entry level gaming PC to an extreme specification model which is optimised to the highest level.

Bala Keilman, CEO for Commodore Gaming, commented "The all new Commodore range of PC's will allow gamers of all levels to enjoy the best that PC gaming has to offer. From beginners to professionals, Commodore Gaming ensures that only the very best components are provided to deliver the ultimate PC gaming experience. We also wanted to bring something new to the market, in the spirit of our Commodore heritage, and have worked hard to design a fully personalised product".

Uniquely, each gaming machine can be artistically customized to match personal taste, with Commodore offering specially selected art including street art, photography, PC game artwork (such as that of GRAW 2) and many other licensed images. Using a revolutionary painting process, the exterior of the Commodore Gaming PC becomes an open and inviting canvas just waiting to be experimented with. Fans and artists alike are requested to present their creative works to become the next limited edition C=kin.

This focus on design and personalisation can even be seen in the small details: two multicoloured LED lights inside the fans can be independently controlled to change or enhance the mood with an ambient glow. Meanwhile, a new Ice Cube cooling system provides extreme levels of cooling, reducing the core temperature by up to seven degrees and ensuring optimum efficiency.

These new gaming beasts are titled the Commodore Cg (entry level), Cgs, Cgx, Cxx (extreme level), each running Microsoft Windows Vista 64 bit operating system including the new gaming interface - DirectX 10. To provide full flexibility, each model can be customized from a range of high-end components before undergoing a full burn-in test prior to shipment to meet our quality commitment. Meanwhile, gamers can expect their systems to come equipped with only the best peripherals available from respected gaming brands including Raptor keyboards and Logitech speaker systems.

The new range of optimised Gaming PCs are now available to see for the first time at the CeBIT show in Hannover, Germany, offering people the chance to play the high performance purpose-built machines with the latest PC games, including graphics-heavy blockbusters such as Supreme Commander and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2.

All Commodore Gaming PCs come with a full two year service and parts warranty.

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