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QOTW: what was the best tech product of 2016?

by Parm Mann on 30 December 2016, 16:31

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Will 2016 be remembered as a triumphant year for consumer technology? Perhaps not, yet while ground-breaking new launches have been few and far between, there have been plenty of intriguing products to sink our teeth into.

Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080 set a new standard for PC gaming, virtual reality has emerged, refreshed PlayStation and Xbox games consoles are here, Amazon's Echo has found its voice, there's been a new iPhone, Google introduced Pixel, and even Dyson took the time out to make a hairdryer.

But which product launches from the past 12 months have made you sit back and say "ooohhhh, I quite fancy that"? For me, it would probably be Microsoft's Surface Studio. I'm not sure I'd take full advantage of its features, and I'm certain I'd never pay such lofty sums, yet there's something about it that has me intrigued.

The year's quickly drawing to a close, so for this week's question let us look back by asking: what was the best tech product of 2016? Share your nominations using the comments facility below.

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One Plus 3/3T undercuts other premium phones on price for as good (if not better) quality.
A real sleeper is Highpoint's RocketRAID 3840A NVMe RAID controller:
one of the first NVMe add-on cards with full x16 edge connector,
and four U.2 ports. Upstream bandwidth = 15,753.6 MB/sec.
which is faster than DDR3-1600 x 8 = 12,800 MB/sec. As such,
mass storage is now surpassing the raw speeds of some DRAM.
The best I have bought in my opinion was my Broadwell-e i7-6900K

other than that there has been a lot of good tech, but none that stand out to me to be better than the rest.
ps4 pro
I wouldn't know I always upgrade a year or so behind release dates due to there cost.
For me it was a james donkey mouse