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Japan’s HTC J One gets microSD slot and mini-handset accessory

by Mark Tyson on 20 May 2013, 14:00

Tags: HTC (TPE:2498), Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), PC

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The HTC One is one of the most desirable Android smartphones around now; it also won the Best New Mobile Handset prize at MWC 2013. The struggling Taiwanese firm seems to have scored a hit with an appealing choice of components and construction choices at a price to rival other flagship devices. The new aluminium bodied phone has been so popular HTC hasn’t been able to make them fast enough. Recently however production problems appear to have been solved and production volumes will be doubling shortly.

The HTC J One pictured with a couple of minis

Up to 64GB memory card support

Now a new variant of the HTC One has been announced for Japan called the HTC J One. This smartphone, to be launched in Japan in June by network provider KDDI Corp, has a hardware tweak that would appeal to many over here; microSDXC card expansion capability up to 64GB. Picking through the spec sheet, the HTC J One is otherwise the same as the variant we get in the west; with the same aluminium machined chassis, Ultrapixel camera, Blink Feed and BoomSound and the Zoe camera effects suite.

The Battery Bar doesn't follow the same design language

Japanese Accessories

Akihabara News also shows off a few pictures of neat accessories designed to accompany your HTC J One. As well as the “HTC One Hard Shell - Double Dip Flip” I’ve seen before there was an additional “HTC J One Hard Shell with Kickstand”, “HTC Battery Bar” (6,000mAh) and “HTC J One mini” accessories shown off by KDDI at the Shibuya Excel Tokyu Hotel in Tokyo.

The HTC Battery Bar is what you would expect, a compact portable charger. HTC says it will recharge your HTC One at least twice and automatically switches on and off as your connect and disconnect your phone. The styling doesn’t really make it look like a companion for the HTC One though.

It was a typical Japanese product launch

The HTC J One mini is a cordless handset companion for the flagship smartphone. It is paired with your smartphone via NFC or Bluetooth and allows you to do basic telecoms tasks without unsheathing your HTC J One. A very similar companion for the HTC Butterfly handset was seen previously.

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Expandable memory kinda rounds this phone of to perfection really. I know some may see the lack of removable battery a problem, but I think 99% of us never change the battery in our smart phones any way.
If they made this SD card version of the HTC One available in the UK, it is definitely the phone I would get.

As it stands with my contract just finishing, I am torn between getting a regular HTC One, or waiting to see what Nokia do with the rumour Lumia EOS…
I was chatting to a guy over on the Engadget comments who was saying he had seen the Japanese versions and that the build quality on them isn't anywhere near as good as the normal EU version. Apparently they are built in a different factory.
Obviously take this with a few pinches of salt but i would be interested to see a side by side review.
Samsung has significant ownership of android handset sales & profits and they have long bothered to have expandable storage and removable batteries.

Finally woken up and smelt the coffee HTC? Jeesh… took long enough - a bunch of baboons could have figured this out faster.
Since I've not seen the European version, I can't compare on the quality. But it's contract only, and mobile phone contracts over here make the UK look cheap.

To be fair, Samsung is probably the only player who bothers with expandable storage and removable batteries. Or at least the only one that we hear of.

Removable batteries + expandable storage + some water resistance would be perfect for me (external hardware wise).