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Tethering the internet from your smartphone to tablet has never been easier or cheaper with The Carphone Warehouse

  • Only one in ten (9%) tablet owners currently tether their tablet to their smartphone
  • Nearly one in four (23%) people intending to get a tablet plan to tether to their phone
  • Android tablet owners are twice (1 in 7 or 14%) as likely to tether to their smart phones than iPad owners (1 in 15 or 6%)

Today, The Carphone Warehouse is pleased to unveil some great new tethering deals across their range of tablets and smartphones, perfect for the Autumn months ahead.

Tablets are hot property at the moment. Whether it's the BlackBerry PlayBook or Samsung Galaxy Tab, tablets are the current must have gadgets. According to YouGov research almost half (48%) of Brits planning to purchase a tablet will do in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The Carphone Warehouse has announced a wide range of tablet and smartphone deals on offer, which include tethering between devices. However many consumers are still unfamilar with this process of connecting a smartphone to a tablet device, with only one in ten tablet owners currently taking advantage of this useful practice.

When you use a smartphone, you can gain access to the internet and perform many tasks while on-the-go. The process of tethering allows you to share that data stream with other devices using a cellular signal and enables a tablet or other device to access the internet from it.

Research has revealed it is in fact new to the market Android tablet owners who are leading the way in tethering and are twice as likely (1 in 7 or 14%) to tether than iPad owners (1 in 15 or 6%).  Moreover, 18-24 year old tablet owners are unsuprisingly most likely to tether to their smartphone with one in five (18%) already hooked up, five times more than 55+ tablet owners (1 in 25 or 4%), however 29% of prospective tablet buyers are aged 55+.

One of the major benefits of tethering with a smartphone for many people is that is that it allows the users to access the internet  via tablets or laptops almost anyhere. Tethering is extremely useful for people who's lives are on the go.  Instead of having to hunt to find a Wi-Fi hotspot in a hotel or coffee shop, tethering allows you to simply connect your phone to the tablet or laptop and start surfing the internet in a few seconds. Working and connecting with people on the go has never been easier.

Considering 39% of tablet users think that 3G connection is too expensive and opt for a WiFi only device and a further 14% of tablet users find the tariffs too complicated, tethering could be the perfect solution. It is possible for  smartphones users to make tethering as their primary means of accessing the internet. Tablet and smartphone users can completely eliminate a separate bill for internet service as their homes with tethering. Over time this could help you save money and simplify the billing process for you.

The latest deals on smartphones from the Carphone Warhouse include a free tablet, making tethering simple and affordable for everyone. For the one in five people intending to get a tablet and planning to tether it to their phone, the following offers shouldn't be missed. A top of the range smartphone and tablet all in one affordable monthly price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab + Samsung Galaxy Apollo, free from £31 per month

The Samsung Galaxy Apollo is a fun smartphone that keeps you connected to contacts. It comes with social networking and instant messenger apps, plus Samsung Social Hub - an exclusive Samsung app that delivers all of your messages and updates. This smartphone is perfect to connected up with the entertainment friendly tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

BlackBerry Playbook + BlackBerry Curve 9300, free from £36 per month

The powerful, portable BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is lightening-fast and flash-enabled, giving you an uncompromised web experience. With streamlined multitasking you can move effortlessly between apps, and the secure connection to your BlackBerry smartphone lets you do what you love on the move.

HTC Wildfire S + Archos 101, free from £31 per month

HTC Wildfire S is a great phone for social media, web browsing and sharing photos. It's compatible with the Archos 10, one of our best value tablets, which has a bulit in webcam for live, face-to-face video chats.

Available from The Carphone Warehouse at or 0800 925 925