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Netatmo - Protect your home this summer with Artificial Intelligence security cameras

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  • Netatmo home security cameras use Artificial Intelligence to keep your home safe
  • New pet detection feature for Welcome, the indoor camera with face recognition

London, UK, 23 June 2017 - In the United Kingdom, there are 1276 burglaries every day, equivalent to almost one a minute[1]. But due to the lack of evidence, only about 30% of all reported burglaries are solved[1]. Netatmo’s smart home security cameras can easily identify burglars and have already led to successful prosecution, bringing home safety to a new level this summer. 

Embedded with Artificial Intelligence, the Netatmo cameras, Presence (outdoor) and Welcome (indoor), can detect unusual situations and automatically report any suspicious intruder activity to the homeowner for immediate action. The indoor camera, Welcome, is also able to detect acoustic alarms, sending users a notification and recorded video when it hears the smoke alarm, CO alarm, security alarm or siren go off.


Christophe, an owner of a Netatmo Welcome camera, was able to save his house and his dogs from a fire while he was attending a basketball game with his family:


“I received a notification on my smartphone reporting that our fire alarm had been triggered. I immediately checked the video footage captured by Welcome and saw that a fire had started in our living room” said Christophe. “It’s thanks to Welcome’s accurate alert that our house and our two dogs were saved from the flames.”



Alexandre, a Presence owner, scared off burglars after being notified that someone was in his backyard:

“While my family and I were sleeping, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a notification from Presence indicating that someone was in my backyard. I heard noises on the ground floor and found that the burglars had entered my house. I immediately got up and shouted to make them flee. The room of my 2-year-old daughter is on the ground floor, my wife and I were very afraid they would enter it. I provided the police with the film and photos taken by Presence, in which the face of one of the burglars is distinctly seen. This evidence will be used in the investigation to identify and locate the burglars who, before coming to my house, had stolen things from my neighbour’s car.”



Damien, a young professional living in Paris, had his flat broken into. He had a Welcome installed only 

a few days before his home was burgled:


“I got a notification directly on my smartphone highlighting the detection of an unknown face. Real-time streaming allowed me to verify someone had broken into my house”, said Damien. “I immediately called the police, who went to my home and arrested the burglar straightaway.”




Netatmo’s smart security cameras, Presence and Welcome, are a new breed of smart security cameras that bring home safety to a new level this summer.

Presence, the outdoor security camera, distinguishes between people, cars and animals. The camera analyses in real-time if someone loiters around the home, if a car enters the driveway or if a pet is in the garden. It understands what it sees and notifies homeowners via a smartphone app if something is detected in the monitored area. The smart floodlight of the camera can be manually switched on directly in the app or can be set to light up when it detects a person, car or animal - or for all three - helping to deter away any unwanted visitors during the night.

Welcome, the indoor security camera, also alerts users on their smartphone about intruders. Instead of the usual motion alerts that require users to waste time watching the entire captured footage, Welcome sends a notification saying that an intruder has been detected in the user’s home, complete with a picture of their face and a video of the intruder. When Welcome detects familiar faces, such as those of children or grandparents, it sends a notification with their names directly to the app. This revolutionary face recognition technology is a game changer in the security market. 


From July 2017, the Netatmo Welcome camera will also distinguish pet movements from other types of motions, pushing the boundaries of security. The user can deactivate alerts for motion caused by pets in order to avoid receiving notifications each time their pet passes in front of the camera. They are only alerted when something important happens. However, for those who want to keep an eye on their pet’s comings and goings, they can choose receiving pet motion notifications completed with a picture and a video, in real-time.


  • Data security: Netatmo’s primary concern is to combine security and simplicity. Recorded videos and identification data stay entirely private thanks to local storage on encrypted SD cards, as opposed to being saved in the cloud.
  • Avoid subscription fees: Welcome and Presence come with all features included. No contract, subscription or fee are required to enjoy any of their state-of-the-art features, such as face recognition or storage.
  • Data privacy: With respect for privacy in mind, Welcome lets users stop recording and disable notifications for particular individuals, depending on what each family member they feel more comfortable with.


Netatmo Presence is already available at Amazon, John Lewis, Dixons and Argos. It retails for £249.99. Netatmo Welcome is already available at Amazon, John Lewis, Dixons and Argos and retails for £199.99. The Netatmo Security App is entirely free. It is compatible with iPhones featuring iOS9, Android 4.3 and above. The Netatmo Security App controls Presence; Welcome, the indoor security camera with face recognition; and Tags, the waterproof security sensors for doors and windows. The Security web-App is also available on PC and Mac.



Netatmo is a revolutionary smart home company, developing groundbreaking, intuitive and beautifully-designed connected consumer electronics. Truly smart, Netatmo’s innovative products provide a seamless experience that helps users create a safer, healthier and more comfortable home.

Netatmo carefully designs the mechanics, electronics and embedded software of all its products to the highest standards. Netatmo also creates the mobile and web applications that fully realise their potential.

Since 2012 Netatmo has released thirteen devices and accessories, divided into four categories:

  • Weather - The Personal Weather Station and its accessories, the Additional Module, the Rain Gauge and the Wind Gauge.
  • Energy - The Smart Thermostat and the Smart Radiator Valves, both designed by Philippe Starck.
  • Security - The security cameras Welcome, for indoor, and Presence, for outdoor, and their accessories, the Tags and the Indoor Security Siren, and the Smart Smoke Alarm.
  • Air care - Healthy Home Coach, the smart indoor climate monitor.

Netatmo is a leading innovator in the smart home industry with products available through a growing network of distributors worldwide, selling to consumers through major retail and B2B channels.

Through its program “with Netatmo”, Netatmo develops connected solutions with leading brands in the building industry to be integrated into residential home infrastructure, whether new-build or renovation.

In November 2015 Netatmo completed a series B funding round of $31 million. The company previously raised $4.7 million in 2013.