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Samsung sells 52 million smartphones, a new King is born

by Alistair Lowe on 27 July 2012, 13:10

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS)

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We reported a while back that Samsung had officially overtaken Nokia to become the world's largest phone manufacturer, however, up until now, Apple still held the top-spot for smartphone sales with its iPhone. Now, however, Juniper Research has revealed, based on Samsung's second quarter earnings, that the firm has successfully sold 52 million smartphones in a single quarter, more than double that of Apple and its iPhone.

Whilst the GALAXY S III was most certainly a contributor, shifting 10 million units in this period, sales have been strong all around thanks to the popularity of the GALAXY brand in all price brackets and, increasing levels of Android adoption. These figures pair well with Samsung's quarterly earnings, which show an operating profit of £3.76 billion, up proportionally from the same period last year.

It's suggested that Apple will have to pull something really special out of its hat in order to regain its lost ground in the smartphone market, though, unless it can shift considerably over 26 million iPhone 5s when the new handset first launches, it seems that the title of King will remain out of the firm's reach for the foreseeable future; mind you, iPad sales are forming an increasing proportion of Apple's mobile market, which could be an area of focus, however the Californian firm will have to be on the lookout for Microsoft and its Surface tablet, along with a large line-up of Full HD tablets heading to market in the coming months.

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Hope they continue growing and moving furth away from #2! great products.
And poor old Nokia is no where to been seen.
Its a shame to see Nokia get things so wrong, but this is what happens when you don't keep evolving to meet consumer demand. The Samsung Galaxy S III is a seriously nice phone (all be it a bit large for my tastes) and I can see why its been such a big seller, both Apple and Nokia are going to have to seriously up their game to make a shift for the top spot in the market.

What I would like to know is why over the last 3-5 years weve shifted for an outright hate of M$ and now its cool to hate Apple?! I just dont get it!
Competition can only be good for the consumer, lets hope both Nokia and Apple have some new innovations up their sleeves (loving my S3).
Speaking of companies who need to innovate and regain some lost market share, I hope that RIM also manages to push the right buttons when BB10 launches in 2013.

But I have to say that looking at the range of handsets that Nokia is offering (ty cheesemp) it seems that they have the steeper mountain to climb