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HEXUS - CES 2009 :: Rock Band 2 Overdrive pedal


Been waiting a while? Get Flash to see this player.

Ever wondered what that socket on the side of your Rock Band 2 guitar is for? Well wonder no more as Mad Catz unveil the Rock Band 2 Overdrive pedal!

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HEXUS Forums :: 5 Comments

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Ahh it's really fustrating! Why are you showing all these Rock Band 2 related video (eg cymbals, drums etc etc) when we can't even buy them yet in the UK!?
Cos I'm a nasty nasty tease?

I could not show them… but then how would you know about them?

Patience, young padwan… :)
LOL yes, you are a nasty tease!

True I have not seen so much coverage on 1 particular item before so it's all good. Anyway I'm currently rocking out on the normal RB1 drums which aren't as bad as everyone seems to say they are?
I created some drum pads for my RB1 to quiet them down, then got some drum covers which did the job brilliantly.

I'm now using the same covers on my RB2 kit as the heads seem to dent really easily, even on the Version 3 kit I have.

When we play head to head drums in RB2 I use a set of practice sticks with rubber heads on the RB1 kit which does just as good a job as the drum head covers… All I gotta do now is persuade the missus we need a set of ION drums and I'm sorted… and broke!
Why are people still refering the current Generation of consoles as the next generation…?