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Sapphire's Bill Donnelly drops in to to introduce the Sapphire HD 4870 X2 Atomic featuring sealed-for-life GPU and CPU liquid-cooling

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What idiots do they have desiging these things, theres no way in hell that is going to cool that 4870X2without a delta fan on there let alone a cpu.
I wouldn't want my CPU in the same loop as the GPU… especially when the GPU is a HD4870x2…
A 120mm rad for a gfx card and a cpu - are they on drugs?
Just me or was that recording really really really quite.. I had to crank my speakers for the first time in days :S
OT (sorry but this gives me an opening to get this off my chest): Why is this show back on the front page with todays date? I don't get why this happens a lot on Hexus. And also why when I check Hexus at say 4PM, then check it again at 8PM there will be news items from around 2PM, that weren't there when I checked at 4PM. Oh, and also why I get e-mails weeks later with replies to a thread I've already read? Lol.

Anyone else find this?

P.S Not meaning to seem like I'm slagging off Hexus, just a few things I've noticed and wanted to know if it was just me imagining things or not.