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Paul Watkinson from BenchTec UK takes us through the kit he's going to use in this world record attempt at overclocking an Intel i7 CPU with liquid nitrogen.

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ARGH!!! What a teaser… :D

Lots of lovely hardware.

/me green with envy
Looking forward to seeing this. :mrgreen:
that's computer porn right there! :D
can i have that computer once you're finished with it? :rolleyes:
Be lovely if this video went in to quite alot of detail, and ran for something like 20-30mins or longer, so that it can really excite people. Rather than some videos you see on youtube, where you just see someone with their head buried in a bioscreen, with a few moody camera shots of LN2 being poured into a pot.

Showing the build, condensation proofing and stuff, would be really ace.