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HEXUS.insight : The CoolerMaster V8


Been waiting a while? Get Flash to see this player.

HEXUS' Parm Mann gets under the bonnet with Cooler Master's Miodrag Relic and his engine-inspired V8 cooler.

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HEXUS Forums :: 4 Comments

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just under £50.... no thanks tbh.

Whilst it does kind of have a cool look i don't see the point int he big plastic thing. He says they basically removed the deadzones which don't benefit the cooler but then added a huge lump of plastic so it remains the same size as other coolers. Surely this could have been considerably smaller?
yes, but it wouldn't have been as L33t
cough cough... review???

Any chance of another cpu cooler showdown?
Looks like an interesting cooler, and 17db is always a bonus.

The intel advert at the end with an LP player turning into a laptop is offensively bad! It's badly made, lit, animated and incredibly low poly... hardly something I would have expected intel to show as an advert.