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Learn DEFCON in 10 minutes ?


Been waiting a while? Get Flash to see this player.

Here's a little 'weekend extra'. DEFCON is a lot like 'RISK', but without plastic armies in Australia. Tom Arundel ran through the recent DEFCON finals with us - explaining strategies etc. Nice 'revelation' for non-gamers and a 'cool look inside' for the hardcore. Does watching 1 min hook you for life?

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Apologies for the ‘rough & readiness’ of this, but I happened to be standing next to Introversion co-founder, Tom Arundel at the DEFCON finals.

While the nukes sprayed across the screen above our heads - he started to explain what was going on - the kind of strategies that people use - the fact that the programme itself is now used for both military training etc and - most importantly - why Australian is unprotected while Madagascar* seems to have more weapon's-grade Uranium than brown sugar in this game !

*D'ya reckon it was the talking animals wot dun it ?
This games looks well up my alley, I think I'll give it a try.
Got pinged by someone else over the weekend who said that they watched this and then downloaded the game straightaway !

You can tell it was not planned - and the first 30 seconds I was ‘pointed’ at the plasma so you get ‘refresh’ patterns…

…but, once I spotted the smaller/steadier TFT, it all calms down and you can focus on the action

Funny thing is that I remember me and a friend watching Wargames and then sitting down over a weekend to ‘have a go’ at recreating the game on a TRS-80 (where the resolution was measured in ‘characters across the screen’ - rather than pixels!)

We gave it 2 days - got nowhere - wrote a pseudo intelligent game of ‘noughts and crosses’ instead :surrender:
Nice video, I've played defcon before but I still enjoyed that :)
It's great that Defcon's had a such succes, it's a great game & well deserved! Spent many hours playing :)

Love Darwinia & Uplink too, Darwinia should be a must in anyones games box, it's pure manic enjoyment! :D