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Corsair's Final Voyage(r) ?


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SMASHED with golf clubs, BOILED alive, DRIVEN OVER by performance cars and COOKED in a ragu sauce... the Corsair Voyager took its licking and kept on USB-ing. Would 500 ft/sec blasts from multiple angles finally lay this product to rest?...

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Fully enjoyed each and everyone of these destruction vids - good work.

I wonder how long it is before someone claims it was the Mesh PC at fault and not the USB stick :)

Have to say that this was a lot of fun

When you're watching - keep a look at for the bit around 2.5 minutes in… we were crying !!!

The ‘Doctor and the Medics’ bit just after 5 minutes gives you a great idea of the level of punishment that was handed out on the day…

…and the 5:50 to 6:05 really puts the cherry on the cake :mrgreen:

I'd love to tell you what's next :secret: but Nick says I've been :censored:
…good work…
Thanks ! :bowdown:

…how long before…
You know it ! :clapping:
that was quite awesome i expected the corsair to survive lol..damn u corsair…gotta do better..i reckon had the cap not come of then it would of still worked…
…expected the corsair to survive…
You caught the ‘teaser’ in the last 10 seconds - yes ?

We have something ‘special’ planned for the next set of destructive testing :devilish: