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World's 1st Look at Black Aluminium Cosmos


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SCAN not only sell advanced and varied technology - they also help create it apparently! See Mingkei from Coolermaster confess all to Nick at i31...

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The original chassis design itself was first examined in detail by our very own Matt Davey…

This ‘black aluminium’ version looks to build on that design - and take it to a very desirable place


turn the lights on, let us see its blackness!

good job guys, btw nice to see you are letting i believe dave to do the voice at the end, so get more people involved
I want to see more of that case.

Nick's reaction is class. “Oh Hello!” :clapping::clapping:
:surprised: “He's taken the microphone!” :surprised:

:surprised: “It's over !!!” :surprised:

CLASS(ic) Haywood :mrgreen: