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HEXUS - Computex 2007 :: Cooler Master's Coolest Products ?


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Dave Ross chills with Joanna, Cooler Master's head of sales & marketing. 1200W PSUs go under the spotlight PLUS Joanna reveals plans for more aluminium/aluminum in the future...

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Seriously teach the guy with the camera to look at the products being talked about, we don't need to see the Coolermaster representative speak every word thankyou.

P.S. Hexus TV great idea, carry on!
DR, did that 1250W PSU come with 2 24-pin cables?
OMG Where is nick :surprised:
lol can the camera man be more amatuer… at least let us see what your talking about and btw mate stop moving microphone away from ure mouth as you suddenly go quiet then loud then quiet…
and that less then $100 dollar case for anyone who wants to see it look here

i know im buying one so many fans to fit :P