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Jonathan Wendel kicks Nick's arse


Been waiting a while? Get Flash to see this player.

Nick shows just how rubbish he is at playing Quake 4 - he can't even beat Jonathan Wendel, the most successful gamer in the world!

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as muchy as dislike the guy (due to his ugly mug :D) he is doing alot to promote online gaming in general. The only thing that i really cant stand, is companies emblazoning their products with the fatal1ty emblem and charging double the price for it :)
P.S. Nick you suck :D
He really is very, very good.

Even to the point of playing one handed, using MB2 for forward and not strafing at all…

We even had him playing holding one hand in the air… and he STILL obliterated me.

Muchos respect to the guy.

Still is was a lot of fun and, a bit that was sadly cut due to me excessively cursing, was when he said I was actually quite good… no, really, he did say I was quite good… Honest!
Yeah, right… :crazy:
I like the fact that you played the map he probably likes best.
Was that the only one his PR team would let you use ? ;D
Nah, he was happy to play any map I wanted.

I knew he was going to pwn me so we stayed with that one.

It was modded so both players had every weapon on respawn, but that was it.

With hindsight, it might've been better for me if I'd gone for a map with more tunnels but hey, the outcome would've been the same.