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Interview with Intel Marketing Man, Don MacDonald


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Don is vice president of the Sales and Marketing Group and director of Corporate Brands and Marketing for Intel. He is in charge of Intel's branding and marketing worldwide. HEXUS talks to Don about his job and breaking down the platform boundaries.

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This video is so annoying, please dont ever do close ups on peoples faces like that every again lol. I couldnt watch the entire video.
Just a different way of doing things :) Sorry!
I agree, too much in yer face, wants to be set back like the one with the other Intel guy was..
God save us from the ‘creative’ types with video cams ;)

Keep it simple, keep it sensible :)
Thanks for the feedback. We're always trying new things and thought this would be a fun way to make a bit of a change from our last few offerings. But if the people don't like it…