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Review: Cooler Master Alloy Front Bezel For CD/DVD-ROM/RW

by Bob Crabtree on 29 December 2002, 00:00

Tags: Cooler Master

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Since we have seen a large increase of people using aluminium cases we seem to still lack nice looking CD drives. There's nothing worse than seeing an aluminium case with horrible beige drives sticking out of the front. A few months ago Lian Li introduced some stick drive bezels which were reasonably priced yet they still didn't meet up to some people's expectations and standards. The problem with the Lian Li bezels were they still showed some parts of the drive. So people painted there drives then stuck the bezel over the top.

Recently I received a sample drivebezel from Cooler Master. The bezel consists of 3 parts. The Eject button, the surround and the tray front. Also included is the sticky foam padding used to install the drive bezel to the CD Rom fascia.