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Review: Corsair Flash Voyager 8GB USB2.0 drive

by Tarinder Sandhu on 24 January 2007, 09:02

Tags: Corsair

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The price of flash memory just continues dropping. At the time of writing, it was possible to buy a 2GB USB2.0 flash drive for a mere £15.

Economies of scale from larger production and the volatile nature of memory pricing - currently at an all-time low - have combined to push up the capacity of stick drives to an all-time high, with 4GB now considered to be an average size.

In view of these facts, premium-brand companies, logically, should only be launching drives larger than 2GB. What they also need to do - to further distinguish themselves from the pack - is add some extras on top of the larger capacity.

Corsair's range of Flash Voyager USB2.0 drives does just that. There's built-in security and a case that's said to be water-resistant . On top of that, there are high-speed transfers - the company claims 33MB/sec for reading and 16MB/sec for writing.

In addition, the drives offer a 10-year warranty - though who'd be able to find their receipt in a decade's time is open to question. And we'll ignore completely what sort of capacity is going to be the norm 10 years' down the line and, thus, what you might reasonably expect to have your 2007 drive replaced by.

Corsair ships drives in capacities up to 16GB - we took an 8GB model for a review spin. Might this high-end USB2.0 flash drive be the perfect one for you? Read on to find out...