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Review: OCZ Vector (256GB)

by Parm Mann on 22 January 2013, 12:00 4.0


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Final Thoughts and Rating

Using an exclusive Indilinx Barefoot controller developed entirely in house, the Vector Series SSD delivers excellent all-round performance...

Anybody with an interest in SSD technology will have been waiting to see what would come of OCZ's 2011 acquisition of Indilinx. The answer, presented some 20 months later in the form of the Vector Series SSD, has in some ways been worth the wait.

The Vector Series is undoubtedly OCZ's finest SSD to date. Using an exclusive Indilinx Barefoot controller developed entirely in house, the Vector Series SSD delivers excellent all-round performance irrespective of data type and impressively manages to sustain high speeds in worst-case scenarios.

Top-notch performance, however, comes at a premium price, and that's our only real criticism of the Vector Series range. Sure, it's one of the fastest SSDs available, but most consumers will find it difficult to distinguish between a £200 Vector Series drive and lesser, mainstream alternatives that cost up to £70 less.

To help round-out the package, OCZ includes a license key for Acronis True Image, a purposeful five-year warranty, and, perhaps most importantly of all, a genuine promise of long-term reliability.

The Good

Excellent all-round performance
Remains fast regardless of data type
Bundle includes Acronis cloning software
Five-year warranty as standard

The Bad

Premium price tag
Performance linked to capacity; 128GB model not as quick

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OCZ Vector (256GB)

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OCZ Vector (256GB)

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5 year warranty is nice - although that price is too steep. Should have undercut the current high end drives.
It is arguably better than the competition in some ways. It's kinda tricky to compete with Samsung on price.
Dare I say I'm finding SSDs have become a bit boring? Until we get a faster SATA interface and/or larger cheaper drives (closer to hdd price) it just seems to be iterative releases, I suppose durability and warranty time increases is the selling point.
I'm holding out for 512GB for £200. Struggling along with 160GB in my one-drive laptop and 256GB isn't enough of an upgrade to make it worth reinstalling unfortunately. Read/write speeds? Meh, not important. Think it's probably only SATA II anyway :p
A faster SATA interface is irrelevant for consumer usage of SSDs.