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Review: Acronis True Image 10 Home Edition

by Steve Kerrison on 28 December 2006, 15:36

Tags: Acronis

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We'll all regret it in the end

What's essential, often annoying, and something many of us don't do enough, if at all? You already know that the answer is backup, because you've read the title and worked that out. No? OK, well maybe you thought we were going to talk about an image-editing app... fair enough, but you were wrong.

So yes, about backups. Hands up if you've ever regretted not doing them enough? Thought so.

Backing up is one of those things that, while seemingly a chore, will inevitably save your bacon. Every computer user has some level of responsibility for backing up their own data, in spite of how much automation is going on in the background, on the PC, over the network, or in the datacenter.

But it's just so hard to do it properly. There's no point backing up the whole hard drive all the time... what an utter waste of space. And how easy is it to restore that backup? Sometimes it's just a few files that have gone wonky and the restoration process need be a little less extreme.

Sufficient to say it's hard to get into a good backup regime. So, any application that can make the whole charade a bit easier is most definitely welcome. In this review we give one such app. a prod and a poke.

Oh, and you can all put your hands down now.