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Review: MSI X-Slim X600 laptop. Sexy and useful?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 26 October 2009, 09:07 3.75

Tags: X-Slim X600, MSI

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Intel's partners began rolling out CULV-based laptops in summer 2009. Designed to be thin-and-light models with particularly good battery life, we took a look at the ASUS U20A and Acer Timeline 5810T. Both machines impressed us in different ways, with Acer's £600 model the pick of the two.

Moving on to Q4 2009, most big-name laptop manufacturers have included CULV notebooks in their range. MSI's using the Intel technology in a larger Wind and a couple of models in the X-Slim range.

The X-Slim X600 - packing in a choice of Intel Core 2 Solo or Duo CULV CPU; 15.6in screen with 1,366x768 resolution; discrete Radeon HD 4330 graphics, and a svelte form factor - is hitting UK shores in late October 2009.

We got our mitts on a high-end model and ran it through a gauntlet of tests, to see if it's worthy of a £799 price tag. Read on to find out.