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Review: Amacrox Notebook Kit

by Steve Kerrison on 23 September 2005, 00:00

Tags: Amacrox

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Mobile mayhem

Laptop pricing this year has been so competitive and the public's lust for small, mobile computer systems has meant that laptop sales have risen, while revenues from desktop-based systems have dropped. We all want to be on the move, or at least we all want a shiny tiny laptop.

Some will sit their new laptop in their room, or home office, leave it plugged in and have it never move anywhere at all. However, what's a mobile computing device if you're not going to take it on a tour of the world? For the true mobile computer buyer, a laptop, in general, must be small, light, powerful and have a good battery life. Meeting such criteria is is possible these days.

Once you've been matched with your perfect mobile partner, however, you find yourself wanting more. A laptop can easily mutate from a tool, into the very thing your life and job rely on. It's at that moment when you get an urge to correct certain inadequacies.

Sick of the trackpad because it's hard to highlight text in a document (or play Half Life) you seek out a mouse to realise your point and click prowess. The gentleman sat next to you doesn't particularly like the video you've decided to watch on the way home, so some headphones would be nice. Travelling on the train at night? Can't see the document you're typing up? You make a note to fetch the torch from the shed for next time. You come to plug your lovely portable printer in, only to find that you've used the last USB port up on that mouse you really needed. Oh dear oh dear!

Kitted out with a new array of input devices and tools, suddenly this whole laptop business seems a lot less mobile than you'd hoped. Of course, we're having a bit of a joke here. It is possible to kit yourself out with laptop accessories without weighing yourself down. There are a vast array of products geared towards the laptop user. Today we're looking at a package from Amacrox that combines several of them.