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Review: AMD Radeon R9 290

by Tarinder Sandhu on 5 November 2013, 05:00


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Overclocking these Hawaii-based GPUs requires setting the power and frequency targets in tandem. We managed to increase the core and memory by 17.5 per cent on both counts. Inching them up to 20 per cent caused a crash in both 3DMark and Far Cry 3.

Click on the picture for a bigger version. Overclocking pays decent dividends, especially as the increased power target enables the GPU to clock closer to the set speed.

A 15 per cent hike is nothing to sniff at, more so when on a high-end card. The overclocked R9 290 is easily quicker than the standard 290X and Titan cards.

The in-game benefit depends upon just how receptive the engine is to frequency increases rather than fuller architectures. R9 290 OC outpaces the range-topping model but cannot overcome the GeForce GTX Titan at both resolutions.