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Review: Leadtek PX7800 GTX TDH MyVIVO Extreme 256MB and SAPPHIRE RADEON HD X1800 XT 512MB

by Tarinder Sandhu on 11 November 2005, 14:20

Tags: Leadtek PX7800 GTX TDH MyVIVO Extreme, Leadtek, Sapphire

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Overclocking tests


Overclocking tests were carried out by increasing the cards' fan speeds to 2,200RPM and 3,400RPM for the Leadtek and SAPPHIRE cards, respectively. Both produced what could be subjectively considered an equal level/pitch of noise. Core and memory frequencies were increased until instability set in. For the Leadtek PX7800 GTX TDH MyVIVO Extreme 256MB card, that set it in 540MHz core and 1320MHz memory, up from the pre-overclocked 490MHz and 1250MHz. It's the fastest we've seen from a 256MB-equipped GeForce 7800 GTX. SAPPHIRE's RADEON X1800 XT 512MB card fared just as well, as we were able to overclock the core and memory to 705MHz and 1700MHz, respectively.

DOOM 3 and Far Cry were both re-run at 1600x1200 4x AA 8x AF, to see just how much more performance the overclocked cards gave.

The SAPPHIRE card turns the tables when viewed from an overclocked perspective. 700MHz+ core and 1700MHz memory gives us the highest single-card score in the test to date.

It's a case of stretching out an already-large the lead in Far Cry.