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Review: AMD A10-6800K (32nm Richland)

by Tarinder Sandhu on 12 June 2013, 10:00


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Benchmarks: Power Consumption

Power consumption is linked directly to the motherboard used. We use Gigabyte boards for all three chipsets - FM2, Z77 and Z87 - and the AMD version appears to be the most power frugal.

2D load is provided by the all-core-bashing wPrime test. We check power consumption once the benchmark is through 80 per cent of the total workload. The standout part is the Core i3-3225, but the number doesn't come as a huge surprise when you consider the chip is outfitted with a 55W TDP - or nearly half that of the A10-6800K.

We measure 3D power when the system is running through the DiRT Showdown test. Relying on CPU and GPU performance to a greater degree than any other title, the A10-6800K doesn't look so good here.