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Review: AMD FX-8350

by Tarinder Sandhu on 23 October 2012, 05:00 3.0


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Gaming focus

A solid showing here.

The results in Aliens vs. Predator highlight an obvious truth; the test is so GPU limited, even on a £400 GeForce GTX 680, that the underlying CPU literally makes no difference at all.

The first (very) slight chink in FX-8350's gaming armour is observed in Batman: Arkham City. Run with fast-computing FXAA to improve jaggies, the onus is on the CPU to spit out the necessary data to the GPU. Intel's Core i5-3570K is 12 per cent faster. Does it really matter? Not when the average frame-rate is so high.

DiRT Showdown places a greater reliance on the host CPU to keep the GPU fed. Core i5-3570K is almost 30 per cent better in this regard. While FX-8350 improves upon FX-8150, perhaps what's most galling for AMD is the evidence that its best consumer CPU is slower than the older Phenom II X6 and no faster than a Core i3-3225.

Gaming performance with a top-class GPU, then, is best-described as adequate.