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Review: Coolermaster ATCS 410 SX1

by David Ross on 19 May 2002, 00:00

Tags: Cooler Master

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Hexus does a lot of Coolermaster product reviews, all of the products getting great reviews. Coolermaster are a very well known company in the computing world, making top quality cases and cooling solutions. The Coolermaster name is well known for setting trends in the case world.

They made a breakthrough with the ATCS 210, adding colour to the aluminium look we are all used to. Again with the 410, Coolermaster have again launched a new idea. This case doubles as a tower case and a rackmount case.

The case for some people is one of the most important aspects of their system; it's the part they're going to see most, and also the part that is going to determine some of their overclocking triumphs. Coolermaster created their ATCS range of cases for cooling; they also show extreme good looks. I'm going to look at a case that combines both the modern looks of the Coolermaster ATCS series and the great cooling of the series. The ATCS series of cases are constructed of aluminium, this provides for great cooling, aluminium is know to dissipate heat three times better than steel. Also, the Coolermaster style is well known in the case world and the Coolermaster name has become a key word in the language of case modders.

This means that the range of cases is very popular with overclockers, and people who are looking for style.