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Sapphire packs Windows 7 into its EDGE-HD2

by Hugo Jobling on 30 June 2011, 15:30

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Edging forward

Sapphire has updated its EDGE mini-PC adding a faster Atom processor, and offering Windows 7 pre-installed and dubbing it the EDGE-HD2.

The EDGE was apparently "hailed as the smallest PC" - a claim not made of the EDGE-HD2, but at 193mm x 148mm x 220mm it's certainly not a large system. The EDGE-HD2 can be mounted either on a stand, or using VESA attachments; letting it be fixed behind a number of monitors, hiding it from sight.

The EDGE-H2 features a dual-core, 1.8GHz Intel Atom D525 CPU, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and a 250GB hard drive. The system is built on top of nVidia's ION 2 platform, so although the graphics performance won't be amazing, it the EDGE-HD2 should be able to cope with undemanding games.

In fact, the performance of the EDGE-HD2 isn't going to be much different from other ION 2-based systems, as the only differentiator between them is which Intel Atom processor they use. As such, the key 'feature' of the EDGE-HD2 is its provision of Windows 7, which should prove a compelling advantage versus rival alternatives running Vista.

Sapphire hasn't announced pricing itself, which will be left up to resellers. Given the relatively modest components inside it, the EDGE-HD2 isn't likely to be too expensive, though.


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Fudzilla have this at just over €350

Cant believe its Sapphire and yet doesnt use Brazos rather than the Intel/!!Nvidia!! combo.

My little (Brazos: Zacate) E350 Netbook is brilliant. I'd love to see some good quality, reasonably priced net-tops based on Brazos they would make lovely little media centres.
Agreed, why can't they just kill off the awful useless Atom already.
Atom helped create, or rather establish, the netbook sector. However, several years on, it still hasn't identified what us techies said on day one: more graphics power.

I was impressed when I first got my current desktop PC with a i5 660 and H55 ITX mobo. It would “have a go” at Crysis! It played 1080p perfectly. So, I gave Intel thumbs up for the i5/H55.

It needs to repeat this success in the netbook sector (Crysis playback not necessary), because I know I would not buy an Atom-based netbook with AMD's current offering being multiple times faster/better in the graphics stakes.