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Xi3 ChromiumPC is world's first Chrome OS desktop

by Hugo Jobling on 23 May 2011, 16:59

Tags: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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Time to shine

Seemingly oblivious to Google's plans for Chrome OS to be found on netbooks, not desktops, modular PC manufacturer ISYS Technologies Company will be launching its ChromiumPC with Google's latest operating system on it.

According to CEO Jason A Sullivan: "Although we've been promoting, discussing and working on modular computers for some time, we feel the market is now ready for a desktop computer with a cloud-based operating system like the one offered by Google."  

The ChromiumPC uses a modular design, comprising a Processor Module, a Primary I/O module and a secondary I/O module. However, currently, the Xi3 website suggests that the only available module option is the choice of a 1.8GHz, dual core or 1.0GHz, single core processor.

The I/O modules offer between them a pair of eSATA ouputs six USB ports, an Ethernet port and both DVI and HDMI video outputs. The chassis measures 101mm x 93mm x 93mm making the Chromium PC a decently compact system.

In addition to Chrome OS, the ChromiumPC will be able to run a number of other operating systems, including various distributions of Linux, and Windows. However, this requires the swapping of a module so would incur additional expense.

The system will be available on 4 July with the Chrome OS module coming 'in the summer'. Specific pricing for the ChromiumPC isn't available yet, but going by the cost of the company's other computers, it's not likely to be cheap.

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Not that im a fan…but what is it this does that a tablet doesn't?

In fact…you know what? Both are stupid. I hate both.

With a passion.
Not that im a fan…but what is it this does that a tablet doesn't?

In fact…you know what? Both are stupid. I hate both.

With a passion.

lol wut? :shocked2:

Did you reply to the wrong thread or something?
No no - right thread.

What does this system offer that you cant get anywhere else - in particular the new tablet craze which can offer more for what seems like is going to be less - im referring to the cost speculation here by the way - sorry. (The I hate both comment is about this stupid ChromeOS and tablets)

Just seems completely pointless and likely to be expensive for a technology nobody seems to give 2 hoots about really.

Not to mention timing! Really…cloud the thing to be promoting right now?
Given the very little information about this, I am actually quite curious about this idea of “modular units”.
For me, the whole thing about motherboards and PCI cards is now quite outdated, and is a particularly poor way to put a system together when you think about space, heat dissipation etc. It's very clearly a product of incremental upgrades to a very old approach.
I have no idea how this particular ‘modular’ thing will work (maybe it's just a traditional mobo and slot in cards), but if it really is how i imagine to be a new way of building things, I for one will be very interested.
Really…cloud the thing to be promoting right now?


(Or at least it is according to IBM, HP, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, et al)

Getting back to the topic - I'm kind of in agreement with .havoc's earlier posts - whilst a modular desktop seems like a fine idea, a cloud-based desktop is surely just the dumb terminal rehash that we've seen many times before (and in every case they failed).