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Refreshed iMac goes Intel Z68 route

by Navin Maini on 6 May 2011, 14:11

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Apple's latest iMac refresh has been stripped bare, with an interesting inclusion surfacing as a result.

Though a launch date of May 8th was originally suggested, Intel's Z68 chipset is expected to officially debut within a week - but that hasn't stopped the upcoming addition to Intel's 6-series of chipsets, from getting pretty cosy with the iMac.



It isn't just Thunderbolt, Sandy Bridge and AMD Radeon HD 6000-series graphics that have found their way into the iMac, but by the looks of it, Z68 too - going by its stage name of BD82Z68.

There's already speculation that the use of the Z68 platform indicates that Apple is tapping into the potential of Intel's Smart Response Technology, to bring functionality such as SSD caching to the iMac.

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