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Hardcore Computer offers total liquid submersion for a mere $4,500

by Parm Mann on 21 October 2008, 15:27

Tags: Reactor, Hardcore Computer

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We thought BEAST Computers' Aphros Reality was the no holds barred extreme PC, but Minnesota's up-and-coming Hardcore Computer appears to have raised the bar with its Reactor.

The US-based startup has only one product currently in development, but it's one that promises to bring liquid-submersion cooling to the mainstream. Reactor, the appropriate name given to Hardcore Computer's extreme system, takes all the latest high-end tech and cools it by submersing it into a yet-to-be-revealed oil that's biodegradable and non-conductive.

As you'd expect, you can choose from a wide selection of extreme components - including Intel's latest 45nm Core 2 chips, DDR3 memory, NVIDIA's three-way SLI and solid-state drives. Start adding at your heart's content and the price will soon reach toward $10,000, but show some restraint and you'll find prices start at a surprisingly low $4,500.

Hardcore Computer states that Reactor is the world's first patented total-liquid-submersion PC, and promises cooling ability that'll allow overclocking records to be smashed. The Core Coolant absorbs 10 times more heat than air and circulates through a Delphi-certified radiator at 2.5 gallons/minute, it claims.

It's a stunning-looking system that could change the way we look at liquid-cooling in the foreseeable future, but as we're yet to see any real-world performance figures we'll reserve judgement. We've got to admit, though, that we're itching to try one.

Hardcore Computer lists Reactor's estimated shipping date as November 18th - unfortunately, that could possibly be after Intel debuts its Core i7 processors and ultimately makes the Reactor an all-new cooling system filled with last-gen tech.

If you're really thinking of sinking around $5,000, we'd recommend you wait just a few more weeks as we'd expect to see a Core i7 option appear on Reactor's configuration pages in the near future.

Official product page:

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What? did i read that right? it is using oil? thats not new, look on you tube and you will see. Its just like water cooling but safer and is better then the youtube attempt where its pumped in and out for cooling hter oil down. 4,5k isnt work it sorry.
Surprisingly affordable at $4,500?

Looks good.

And yeah, it is cheap.

Home made jobs dont come with a warranty and support and probably wont look as good as this anyway…
That's one to take round the LANs…on a forklift.
another great idea to separate the stupid and there money :)

“hardcore computers - because we Gently Caress you.”