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More cheap storage: SCAN selling Samsung's 1.5TB hard drive for £70.14

by Parm Mann on 20 August 2009, 17:03

Tags: SCAN, Samsung (005935.KS), Hitachi (TYO:6501)

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There's no shortage of cheap storage options these days, but if you're in the market for a new hard drive, has a pair of cracking deals on its Today Only page.

As the promotion suggests, the deals are available for one day only, and the two to items to have caught our eye are the 1TB Hitachi hard drive and 1.5TB Samsung hard drive.

The 1TB Hitachi, a Deskstar 7K1000.B, operates at 7,200rpm and features a 16MB Cache. As with other recent 1TB hard drive deals, it's priced very closely to £50 and is today going for £51.16.

If you need more storage, however, there's another cracking deal in the form of the Samsung drive. It's a 1.5TB Samsung HD154UI EcoGreen F2 DT, and although slightly slower at 5,400rpm, it features a 32mb cache and can be had today for £70.14.

They don't come much cheaper than that, and members can look forward to free delivery*, too. The discount prices are available only via the SCAN Today Only page.

*UK-based discussion forum members will benefit from the SCAN2HEXUS Free Shipping initiative, which will save you a further few pounds plus also top-notch, priority customer service and technical support backed up by the SCANcare@HEXUS forum.

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Dabs also had a Western Digital 1.5TB for £68 the other day

EDIT: was £78, ignore me.

Terrific value then for £70, I paid £60 for 1TB last week.
That's - for the Hitachi

And - for the Samsung (4th line down on Super Savers)
That's - for the Hitachi

And - for the Samsung (4th line down on Super Savers)

Why cant we have today only offers… EVERY DAY :D
You do. Change every weekday approximately 1pm to 1pm.
so tempted to add to my 3TB WHS