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Is this the new Windows 8 logo?

by Steven Williamson on 13 February 2012, 14:50

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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This seems highly unlikely, but Microsoft has allegedly redesigned its famous multi-coloured flag logo for the Windows operating system in favour of a monochrome design for the release of Windows 8.

The red, blue, yellow and green logo has been part of the Windows brand for 22 years, but according to this image from Chinese website Cnbeta, the new design will feature on the boot screen of the upcoming release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

A further image shows the logo as the Home button on what is said to be an “ARM-based tablet” that will run the new operating system.

As one of the world’s most recognised logos, it seems ridiculous that Microsoft would all of a sudden want to change the design, but we'll find out soon enough at the big reveal of the new operating system at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on February 29th.

So, we know that Windows is having a huge makeover for the latest operating system, but do you think Microsoft would go as far as changing its iconic logo?

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Not keen, quite like the “classic” Windows logo - can't they just skew that instead?

To me the new design looks too much like a “Scandinavian Cross” - like the ones that were proposed for the national flags of Iceland and Finland (and probably other countries too).

How about changing the logo they've got to have two red squares, two blue and a white cross - at least that'd be patriotic! ;)
Wouldn't surprise me if they have redesigned it. There's something odd about seeing the current logo embossed on hardware. It just doesn't look quite right.
Looks awful. Again, just my opinion based on my taste..
The future at Microsoft is tiles!!

It seems a few people at Microsoft have severe OCD.
If that's true, it's one of the worst re-brandings I have ever seen….