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Further Windows 8 usability improvements detailed

by Navin Maini on 24 August 2011, 14:50

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Windows 8

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Microsoft has expanded on improvements it's making to the process of copying, moving, renaming and deleting files (collectively referred to as copy jobs) in Windows 8.

The company is working on four major improvements to deliver a clearer - more intuitive - process for such tasks, that are said to represent over 50 per cent of Windows Explorer total command usage (based upon Windows 7 telemetry data).

From a clarity perspective, all copy jobs will be reviewable and controllable from a combined UI. Tackling the usability angle, users will have the ability to pause, resume and stop any copy job - thereby giving greater control over tasks in progress.



The above image gives an idea of further enhancements relating to copy jobs - for example, the presentation of data transfer rates and trends, in what is hoped to be, a more intuitive manner.

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Nice addition but it makes me miss my DOpus installation :(
copy jobs - that surely can't be the real name?
Terracopy FTW!
Terracopy FTW!

I wouldn't go that far but it's most useful feature - queueing - is something opus now does well and something we all ought to add a comment on the Win8 blog requesting be there. Already done it myself in the hope they've still got the flexibility to add in new features at this stage.

TC makes some rubbish claims about speed improvements but really it's the queues that make it handy (I used to invoke it via custom buttons in Opus before V10 offered the same functionality).
I have no idea what Opus is but Terracopy maxes out your transfer speeds and provides an accurate transfer completion time unlike Windows built-in copy.