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Adobe tempts rivals' customers to defect with discounts for switchers

by Hugo Jobling on 1 July 2011, 17:47

Tags: Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE)

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Fighting talk

Adobe is taking a thinly veiled jab at Apple with the introduction of a switching programme for Premiere Pro 5.5 and Creative Suite CS5.5 Production Premium; offering money off its applications for those who have purchased its rival's.

The switching discount is also available for buyers of Avid Media Composer, and gives 50 per cent off the asking price of either of Adobe's programs. It's worth noting that the saving this offers against a full price version of Premiere Pro CS5.5 (close to £700) is almost twice the value of a copy of Final Cut Pro X, mitigating the risk for buyers unsure whether it will suit their needs, and considering Adobe's tool instead. Avid Media Composer is a far more expensive investment, at over £1,500, so an 'upgrade' isn't likely to be as easy as sell for Adobe, there, but the discount will still be welcome to any who do want to switch over.

"We're hearing from video professionals that they want pro level tools that address cutting edge work but also allow them to use legacy footage and workflows," said Jim Guerard, general manager and vice president of professional video and audio, Adobe. "At Adobe we've been in the trenches with video pros for years and with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and CS5.5 Production Premium we've delivered professional-grade tools that are already being battle-tested by some of the most innovative filmmakers, broadcasters and video pros."

A dedicated website has been set up to help convince users of Adobe's rival tools to make the switch, listing a number of reasons why Adobe believes users should use its tools, with videos and articles detailing the differences between Adobe's programs, and those of its rivals, and guides to using Premiere designed for previous users of Avid and Final Cut Pro.

The switching program will run through 30 September this year, giving customers a decent amount of time to take advantage of the offer. No doubt by then Apple will hve addressed many of the complaints its users have raised about Final Cut Pro X - there's certainly no lack of incentive to do so now.


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Do GIMP, Inkscape & Blender count? :D
Do GIMP, Inkscape & Blender count? :D

What about paint? :p
paint + notepad a world beating combo. :woowoo:
Or, if SVG is your thing… just notepad.